Parting Stones – A New Form for Cremated Remains

Most cremation families feel their options are more limited than burial. But in reality, there are more choices with cremation. For example, there are many more type of final disposition for cremation families, from scattering, to in-ground or niche placement, or keeping the urn at home. And now, there… Read More

New York Times Feature on Lumen Cremation

Did you catch us in the news? Lumen Cremation was recently featured in a New York Times article, Cremation Borrows a Page From the Direct-to-Consumer Playbook. See how Lumen is listed among other cremation innovators in the excerpt below. As the cremation rate balloons in North… Read More

Advance Directives: What You Need to Know

When a doctor decides that a patient no longer has the capacity to make decisions on their own, an Advanced Health Directive allows them to identify a Durable Power of Attorney to make all health care and death decisions. Here at Lumen Cremation, we hear from many… Read More

Next of Kin Guide

When a death has occurred, or a death is expected soon, you might be asked by a doctor, facility, or cremation provider, “Who is the ‘next of kin’?” Lumen Cremation has all of the information you need – and is always available to answer questions that come up along… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Spreading Cremated Remains

While our Manager and Acting Funeral Director Tiffany Widener along with the rest of our care team here at Lumen Cremation in Nashville have extensive knowledge about cremation, we realize this is not the norm. In fact, most families we talk to in Bellevue, Brentwood,… Read More

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

As the price of funerals continues to rise across the U.S. and here in Middle Tennessee and Nashville, as religious traditions continue to evolve, and families continue to spread across the country, more and more people are choosing cremation over traditional burial. Consider this: In 1960, just over three… Read More

Lumen Cremation: Illuminating Every Life Lived

The word Lumen symbolizes light, and light signifies the core of what we do at Lumen Cremation. Lumen Cremation began with the belief that there is light within every person who walks this earth. Each life has value, and everyone deserves to receive dignified and respectful care at… Read More

Family Served by Lumen Cremation Featured in Story for News4 Nashville

Our Cremation Care Team at Lumen stands ready to help and support all families throughout greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee — but recently, we were able to help a family all the way out on the West Coast. Della Wilson lives in California, but her father lived in… Read More

The Top 3 Questions to Ask a Cremation Provider

While cremation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for families in Nashville, it’s important to remember this: Not all cremation providers are equal. Scandals in the media have caused many to be leery of cremation, and rightfully so. On top of that, the choice to cremate can involve personal,… Read More

When Coping with Loss, Grief Has No Timetable

After losing a loved one, your life will be shaken up in a number of ways that you will have never imagined or expected. Middle Tennessee families in Davidson, Williamson, and Rutherford counties that choose cremation know they can trust the caring team at Lumen Cremation for support… Read More