As the price of funerals continues to rise across the U.S. and here in Middle Tennessee and Nashville, as religious traditions continue to evolve, and families continue to spread across the country, more and more people are choosing cremation over traditional burial.

Consider this: In 1960, just over three percent of families chose cremation when a loved one died. Today, that number stands at more than 50 percent. According to the Cremation Association of North America, the U.S. cremation rate is projected to reach 65.2% by 2025 and 72.8% in 2030. In fact, this shift was just highlighted on Channel 4 News Nashville, where Lumen Cremation was featured as a Nashville cremation expert.

At Lumen Cremation, we want to make planning a Nashville cremation simple, convenient, and affordable. We know that the financial stresses of losing a loved one can quickly add up. We aim to assist families in a way they can afford. To do so, we have intentionally limited our overhead costs by conserving our physical space and by using technology to serve families conveniently and cost-effectively.

Because we specialize in simple cremation arrangements for families who don’t want “all the extras,” we can maintain high-quality service at a very affordable cost. While traditional cremation involves more preparation and a longer timeline, simple cremation focuses on the fundamentals: transportation, cremation, and a simple container to store and ship the cremated remains. At Lumen, we also maintain the highest standards before, during, and after each cremation as the exclusive provider in (Davidson, Williamson, Cheatham, Robertson, Sumner, Montgomery, Dickson, Wilson, and Rutherford) as part of our Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee.

You can view our simple cremation package which starts at $995 including the cremation permit, services of a funeral director, care in a climate-controlled environment, and the cost of the cremation.

When you ask other cremation providers about price, you’ll find that there are often hidden fees such as a separate charge for the cremation permit. Our cremation plan is generally all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs. Manager and Acting Funeral Director Tiffany Widener and the rest of our staff is committed to transparency every step of the way – and this includes our prices.

Choosing Lumen Cremation actually gives you more options, not only because it is the most affordable method of disposition but also because you can arrange a service for your loved one at any time.

We offer many keepsakes in our store, such as jewelry and urns, to honor your loved one in a unique way. Our Cremation Care Team can also advise or assist with religious services, scattering, planning a virtual or in-person memorial service, and so much more. We are always available to describe the many ways cremation families can host a meaningful tribute.

Because we understand how busy families are – particularly in the days and weeks following the death of a loved one – we provide a convenient and secure online payment option. Family Pay allows you to make payments from the comfort of your home. However, if you have any questions about your balance or if you are interested in exploring other payment options, please contact us, and one of our dedicated staff members will follow up with you promptly.

You can reach us by calling (615) 235-5074 or emailing [email protected].