At our website, click the green button that reads “Start Planning.” Once you do this, you will be taken to a page that shows all of the offerings in our Basic Cremation Plan, and at this point, you will click the black “begin planning” button in order to start the online process.

  • Click “Immediately”, then click Next
  • Click “Where your loved one is located” and “What county they are located in”, then click Next
  • Click “under 350lbs” or “over 350lbs”, then click Next
  • Enter the number for the amount of death certificates needed and click yes or no if insurance will be used to pay for the cremation expenses, then click “Add to Cart”
  • Review urns and keepsake merchandise available for purchase and choose desired purchases click “Add to Cart” and then Next, OR Click on the GREEN “Skip Merchandise” at top of page
  • On this page,
    • You will choose from options about viewing, witnessing, or expediting the cremation
    • You will choose from options regarding the urn chosen from our store, if you are bringing your own, or if you would like to select the option of turning the ashes into stones (the human body creates b/t 45-60 stones)
    • You will then choose how your would like your loved one returned to you, either by picking up from our office or by being mailed by USPS express mail. Then, click Continue to Checkout
  • Once on the checkout page, you will include you billing information on this secure check out page and enter your credit card information. (or you can click pay later, but we have to have payment in full before the cremation can take place.)

***Once finished with this part, there is one more thing we will need… that is, you to click the black “Vital Statistics Form” at the end of the checkout page. This will take you to a screen where you can answer all the questions we need in order to have a death certificate completed. It also gives you the opportunity to upload a picture of your loved one to us that we will use for final identification purposed before the cremation is completed. *We also can use this same photo for his tribute page on our website.

Once you complete these online processes, the Lumen staff is notified by email with all of the information. The only thing they will still need to ask for, via phone, is your loved ones social security number.

The final step of our processes will be having the next of kin to digitally sign some paperwork via email by using DocuSign… one of those documents includes an Authorization of Cremation form which is a TN required document that must be included with the cremation paperwork before the cremation can take place. (Next of kin falls as follows: Spouse, Children, Parents, Siblings, etc…) The Lumen staff will walk you through this simple process to completion if needed.