The process begins when you contact us to let us know that a death has occurred or is anticipated soon. On our website,, you can begin the process to secure payment for our cremation services in order to alert our transportation team to bring your loved one into our care from the place of death. We can then begin the paperwork with you online, collecting what are known as Vital Statistics (information about the deceased) that will be needed for the death certificate. We will also request signature approval on the Authorization for Cremation from the legal next of kin, as well as a cremation permit issued by the county in which the death occurred (which our staff will obtain once we submit the death certificate information to the state and receive a certified copy in return).

When a death happens, contact us right away. If your loved one is in the care of a hospital or the medical examiner, those facilities will generally release your loved one into our care during business hours. If a death occurs at home, at a nursing home, or at a hospice facility, we can take your loved one into our care at any time, day or night.

Your loved one will be transported to a climate-controlled area before the cremation permit is issued by the State of Tennessee. We will also need a positive identification of your loved one before the cremation can take place (this can be facilitated by a photograph or body marking/tattoo(s) instead of a visual confirmation). Once Lumen Cremation receives the permit and all necessary paperwork, including the Authorization for Cremation, our crematory will perform the cremation.

Once the cremation is complete, we will contact you to schedule the delivery of the ashes. You can collect the ashes in person by making an appointment during business hours at our offices, which is included with the cost of your cremation plan. For a small additional cost, you may choose to receive your loved one’s ashes by mail to the Next of Kin’s U.S. postal address via USPS Priority Mail Express or hand-delivered to the location of your choice within Greater Nashville.