Does someone need to be present to take delivery?

Yes, the Next of Kin will need to be present at the location with photo identification to accept and sign for the ashes. Read More

When can I collect my loved one’s ashes?

We will contact you in the days immediately following the cremation to schedule a time for you to collect your loved one’s ashes at our facilities or receive them by mail or hand delivery. Read More

How are the ashes packaged?

USPS Express Priority Mail: You’ll receive your loved one’s ashes in a temporary container unless you select an urn from our store. Also included in the mailing box is the disposition permit issued by the state. We follow strict USPS guidelines to ensure safe shipping (via USPS Priority Mail Express,… Read More

Can I mail ashes abroad?

We can return your loved one’s ashes to any U.S. postal address. If you would like to have them sent abroad, please contact our Care Team for assistance. The laws on sending ashes to foreign countries vary. Read More

How are the ashes returned?

You can choose from three options for delivery. You can collect them in person during business hours by scheduling an appointment at our offices, which is included with the cost of your cremation plan. For a small additional cost, you may choose to receive your loved one’s ashes by mail… Read More