1. Highest-Quality Professional Care Team

Take comfort in knowing your loved one will be cared for by licensed funeral directors and crematory operators who have many years of experience. Because of this, you can rest assured your loved one will be treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire process. Lumen Cremation complies with all guidelines established by the regulatory board for the State of Tennessee. Our crematory and processes undergo regular, thorough inspections, which include unannounced visits.

2. Convenient, Simple Online Cremation Arrangements

We know grief is not simple, but we believe planning a cremation should be. We value your personal preferences and your time by offering a way to handle all arrangements online through our simple process, which can be conducted online or by phone — either option takes just minutes to complete. This allows you to spend more time with your family and friends during the grieving process, instead of working on tedious paperwork. If you are considering planning ahead before a death occurs, we can personally guide you through this process as well.

3. Safeguarding Personal Identity

To ensure security, a personal identification band is placed on your loved one as soon as they are transferred into our custody.

4. Unique Tracking System

Upon arrival, your loved one is logged within our tracking system and is assigned an identification number, which is then stamped into a stainless-steel identification tag. This number is used to track every step of the cremation process. Our tracking system includes the date, the time of arrival at our facility, and the name of the transfer technician. Your loved one’s personal belongings are cataloged and placed in a secure area so they can be returned to your family.

5. Family Identification

Before the cremation occurs, we require visual identification of the deceased, either by a family member or a close friend. Identification can be conducted online through our secure, private website, through the use of a photograph that is given to our staff, or through personal body markings and/or tattoos.

6. Checks and Balances

Our funeral director conducts an initial review of all cremation paperwork and permits. Following this check, two staff members from the crematory will also review the paperwork before the cremation occurs. This ensures that all authorizations and permits have been received and that they have been thoroughly examined and properly documented. Once all documentation is verified, both crematory staff members must sign the cremation order prior to the cremation.

7. Cremation Log Book

Immediately before the cremation process begins, your loved one will be taken to the cremation chamber. Their personal identification number is noted in our cremation log book. This log shows the name of the individual, the date and time of the cremation, the identification number, and the crematory operator’s name. The crematory log is dated, and the time is noted and initialed by a cremation technician before and after the cremation.

8. Details During, After, and Following the Cremation

The crematory checklist and the stainless-steel identification tag are placed on the outside of the cremation chamber during the cremation process. After the cremation is complete, the cremated remains are placed into an urn with the stainless-steel identification tag. Following the cremation, our staff will return your loved one’s ashes following your family’s preferences, which could be an in-person appointment scheduled during business hours at our offices or by mail to the next of kin’s U.S. postal address via USPS Priority Mail Express. We can also personally deliver your loved one’s remains to the location of your choice within the Greater Nashville area for an cost.

9. Useful Online Resources Provided at No Additional Charge

Feeling overwhelmed with the many items on your to-do list after a loved one’s death? We want to lighten your burden by providing valuable resources to walk you through this time of uncertainty. Our website is full of free resources to guide you, all prepared by our cremation experts. Plus, our care team is only a phone call away to answer questions at any time — at no cost to your family.

10. Ways to Remember

In many ways, cremation offers families the added convenience and flexibility to plan a memorial or another remembrance gathering at the time of their choosing. There are also many options for determining a final resting place, including burial, placement in a niche, or scattering. Other options to consider are purchasing a special urn from our online store to keep at home, keepsake urns or jewelry used to share among family members, or even using a portion of the ashes to create glass art — or even diamonds. There are many ways to create the perfect sentiment for memorializing your loved one. Feel free to ask our care team for more information on the many ways to create a special commemoration ceremony or a personalized keepsake.