Our Cremation Care Team at Lumen stands ready to help and support all families throughout greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee — but recently, we were able to help a family all the way out on the West Coast.

Della Wilson lives in California, but her father lived in Nashville. When it came time to decide how to best honor her father’s life, she chose Lumen Cremation.

News4 Nashville (WSMV), Nashville’s NBC TV station, recently featured Della in a news story that aired in the morning and evening newscasts. As part of the interview, Della explained to the reporter why Lumen’s services appealed to her.

“There was a mountain out here, Mount Tamalpais, that he spent a lot of time on — I wanted to be able to spread his ashes on Mt. Tam and then also the logistics of us being in different states, it was more cost-effective,” she told News4.

Lumen specializes in offering simple cremation services for a fair price. We do this by using technology to vastly decrease the amount of time from planning a cremation from a few hours to 15 or 20 minutes.

As part of the news story, the reporter explained how convenient online planning is for families who use Lumen. When using our virtual platform, all families have to do is answer a few questions, make their selections, and then pay with a credit card through our secure payment processing system. Our Cremation Care Team handles everything else.

“They’re able to make their memorial plans on their own on their own schedule on their own timing and not being confined to a specific timeframe to do that within,” said Tiffany Widener, Manager and Acting Funeral Director of Lumen, in her interview with News4.

The news story showcased the special tributes that Lumen offers for families, including specialty urns, jewelry, and other keepsakes, all available through our online store.

Della told News4 she chose a beautiful urn featuring a guitar to pay tribute to her father’s love of music.

“I like the way that I can lay my dad to rest in a place that was important to him but also have a piece of him with me at the same time, so I think that’s an advantage over a traditional burial,” she said in the interview.

Della’s story symbolizes everything Lumen Cremation stands for — giving families the care they want with the convenience they need.

The word “lumen” symbolizes light, and we named our company Lumen because we believe there is light in every person and that each person deserves honorable and dignified care at the end of their life.

Every life has value, no matter what their story is, and at Lumen, we honor this in every interaction we have with a family.

If you are interested in learning more about Lumen Cremation, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or give us a call at (615) 549-0074. We also have many free resources to offer your family, including a guide for getting prepared, details on determining next of kin, and more. You can also review our list of frequently asked questions to learn more about our services.